NON-CE Presentations

Bronze Sponsor Selah presents

Compassion and Spirituality in Recovery

PRESENTER: Ashley Hemrich, MA, Regional Director of Clinical Partnerships, Selah House

DESCRIPTION: When suffering through the depths of an Eating Disorder, individuals often lose self-compassion by living in fear and self-destruction. Often times, these individuals forget who they are and Whose they are. By regarding each individual as a spiritual creature on a human journey and providing an atmosphere of openness and acceptance without judgment, we can become key elements of transformation and healing for others, which can ultimately lead to sustainable freedom and recovery.

Bronze Sponsor Rodgers Behavioral Health with EDCI presents

Yoga in Eating Disorder Recovery


DESCRIPTION: The presentation will help individuals gain an understanding of how yoga, breath, and movement can benefit the patient as they navigate the recovery process. Yoga can be a useful way to facilitate body acceptance, reframe movement and exercise, and reconnect with body sensations. We will learn about how to incorporate yoga into a personal practice, special considerations of the eating disorder population, and have an opportunity to try a few simple breath to movement exercises. If you have wondered whether yoga could benefit you or someone you support, this would be a great opportunity to hear more about how it can be utilized in any journey toward mental and emotional wellness.

Bronze Sponsor The Emily Program presents

“Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free or Eating Disordered?” The Delicate Navigation of the Eating Part of Eating Disorders

PRESENTER: Hilmar Wagner, MPH, RDN, CD

DESCRIPTION: Individuals seeking treatment for an eating disorder frequently present with a variety of dietary restrictions, some of which can significantly complicate the nutritional rehabilitation process. In this session we will explore the overlap of eating disorders and dietary restrictions, and how to navigate that fine line of supporting client’s personal dietary practices while working to untangle the disordered and distorted knowledge/beliefs that can impede or prevent recovery.

Bronze Sponsor Aloria presents

Embracing Body Diversity

PRESENTERS: Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards, PhD, MSW, LCSW, CEDS; Amanda Pelzek, MS, LPC, NCC; Laura Housel, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist

DESCRIPTION: During this presentation we will engage our audience into an intimate conversation about the intersection of body diversity, holistic wellness, research, and the reality of societal pressures and judgements. Over decades a beauty myth has evolved resulting in an epidemic of body shame and hatred.  We will be exploring this complex societal phenomenon through a lens of acceptance, respect, and inclusivity to move toward a self-empowered, judgement-free definition of beauty and body acceptance.

Local Hero Sponsor Clarahan Consulting presents

Let’s Change the Culture to Liberate All Bodies


DESCRIPTION: Why do we value one body type over another? How does this current body-focus harm all of us living in thin to fat bodies?  Discover ways to honor all bodies and begin to dismantle the weight stigma that is steeped in the current culture and internalized in each of us.

Local Hero Sponsor McFarland Mental Health Consulting presents

Recover Roots/Strengthen Your Foundation: A Family’s Role in Eating Disorder Recovery and Prevention

PRESENTER: Brandis McFarland MA, LMHC

DESCRIPTION: This session will focus upon the role that family has the ability to play in the role of eating disorder treatment, recovery, and ongoing health. Currently in supervision for certification in Family Based Training, this session will be based on the presenter’s personal experience, recovery, professional work and interactions with clients and families dealing with an eating disorder diagnosis.

UnityPoint Health - Robert Young Center & Amy’s Gift presents

Eating Disorder Support Group Panel

PRESENTER: Amy’s Gift Support Group Facilitators

DESCRIPTION: Local facilitators will discuss what has made our eating disorders support group successful over ten years in the community. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions to learn more about the benefits of attending and how to start a successful support group of their own.

Local Hero Sponsor UnityPoint Health Nutrition Centres presents

Beyond the Meal Plan: Incorporating Mindfulness and Intuitive Eating Techniques 


DESCRIPTION: Nutrition in eating disorder recovery progresses through stages, with the ultimate goal of achieving a normalized, flexible, and relaxed eating pattern. This session will outline the steps toward that goal, beginning with the development of a structured meal plan in early recovery to provide adequate nutrition and emotional safety.  We’ll outline and discuss the best timing and ways to incorporate the concepts of Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating, two methods used to reconnect to the internal signals of hunger, fullness and satiety to guide eating.

EDCI presents

Coffee Connection: Caregiver’s Support Group 

DESCRIPTION: This group is for parents, caregivers, and supportive individuals that are impacted by an eating disorder. Ask questions, share your experiences, and get support by attending the Coffee Connections support group. **Please note this group is not a therapy group or intended to be therapeutic in nature.This group is a place where you may find others who are on a similar journey. 

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