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How To Create a Successful Eating Disorder Support Group

PRESENTATION: Eating Disorder Support Group Panel

DESCRIPTION: Local facilitators will discuss what has made our eating disorders support group successful over ten years in the community. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions to learn more about the benefits of attending and how to start a successful support group of their own. 

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Kimberly Laird (Lead)

Kim is one of the facilitators of the Quad Cities Eating Disorder Support Group. She first attended the group in June 2016 looking for support for herself and her daughter, who was battling her eating disorder. With the support of this group, her pediatrician and therapist, her daughter was able to get into recovery using the Maudsley method and has been in recovery since December 2016. Although not a trained therapist, Kimberley has done extensive research and has a great deal of empathy for people who have eating disorders and those who support them.


"Our group is unique in that we try to foster bonds and friendships outside of the traditional meeting day and time. We reach out to each other when we are struggling, we help each other shop for food or how to navigate eating out at a restaurant. I am very grateful to have found this group and very proud of everyone associated with it.”